How to migrate from our old to new site

Here’s a simple to use visual guide for how to migrate from our old site to our new one. If you are a current customer or have signed up with us before, you will need to follow the 3 steps below to get started using our new and improved website.

Step 1

The first step is to login. Visit and click on the red Login button on the top right. A popup window will appear to ask for your mobile number. Login with your mobile number to get a One Time Password. Your old login details are no longer needed here.


Step 2

After logging in, you will need to confirm your booking details. As an existing customer, this page will be automatically pre-filled with details of your existing booking.


Step 3

The last step is to input your credit card details. We no longer use PayPal for payment, this is why we are asking for your credit card again. You can use any credit card you like.


Once you confirm and pay, you’re done!


Do note that upon migration, only jobs scheduled from 15 October 2016 onward will be displayed. Jobs before 15 October will still be managed in our old site. You can access the old site at

New and improved ProperHands


Welcome to the new and improved ProperHands! We talked about some of the new features in a blog post earlier this month, and today you can try them out for yourself!

Do visit and check out some of the new features that are designed to make our services easier, better, and more convenient for you.

Some of our new features include:

  1. No more passwords (real-time OTP)
  2. Self-manage your bookings and changes
  3. No more PayPal, we take credit cards directly!
  4. New wallet system
  5. Track every transaction
  6. Urgent cleaning service

One new feature we didn’t talk about previously is our new Cleaner App. The new mobile app for our cleaners has features such as new job alerts, jobs scheduled, reminders, maps and location assistance, access to historical records and payment. This will make our cleaners more productive and efficient while giving them support they need to do the best job.

screenshot_20160906-171537 screenshot_20160906-171954

Our new website

We are so close to launching our new website and we can’t contain our excitement! In the blog post we want to share with you some of the new features we will be rolling out.

Forget Passwords

Passwords are so yesterday. Most of us register once and make a booking which stays quite consistent until a change needs to be made. And by then a lot of us forget our passwords. So we changed it to a simple system where we send you a One-Time Password to your mobile whenever you need to login. Super simple and stress free.


Manage Bookings

When something comes up and you need to change a cleaning session, you can now do it immediately without contacting us.


No More PayPal

While PayPal was great when we first started, it was a pain especially for those without PayPal accounts. We’ve heard you and so we’ve invested in a system that takes credit cards directly. No PayPal account needed.

credit card

A New Wallet

In order to facilitate easier payments, especially when changes or multiple bookings are made, we’ve implemented a Wallet system where we store credit you have paid for and deduct when needed. This minimizes the amount of transactions you need to approve and we only charge you again when your Wallet has insufficient funds for the upcoming job.


Full Payment Records

You can now view all transactions in crystal clear detail. Both transactions from your credit card (to fill the wallet) as well as the transactions from the jobs done that draw from the wallet. Everything is as clear as day.


Urgent Cleaning

We now have a new urgent cleaning option. Regular and one-time cleaning needs 5 days lead time for us to find a cleaner, but if you need someone urgently we’ll offer the cleaner more incentive to take on the job within 2 days.


New Prices

We’ve adjusted our prices slightly to match the market rate as well as pay the cleaners more for their good work. It’s important to us that we get responsible and experienced cleaners and we’re more than happy to support them with better pay.