New and improved ProperHands


Welcome to the new and improved ProperHands! We talked about some of the new features in a blog post earlier this month, and today you can try them out for yourself!

Do visit and check out some of the new features that are designed to make our services easier, better, and more convenient for you.

Some of our new features include:

  1. No more passwords (real-time OTP)
  2. Self-manage your bookings and changes
  3. No more PayPal, we take credit cards directly!
  4. New wallet system
  5. Track every transaction
  6. Urgent cleaning service

One new feature we didn’t talk about previously is our new Cleaner App. The new mobile app for our cleaners has features such as new job alerts, jobs scheduled, reminders, maps and location assistance, access to historical records and payment. This will make our cleaners more productive and efficient while giving them support they need to do the best job.

screenshot_20160906-171537 screenshot_20160906-171954

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