How to migrate from our old to new site

Here’s a simple to use visual guide for how to migrate from our old site to our new one. If you are a current customer or have signed up with us before, you will need to follow the 3 steps below to get started using our new and improved website.

Step 1

The first step is to login. Visit and click on the red Login button on the top right. A popup window will appear to ask for your mobile number. Login with your mobile number to get a One Time Password. Your old login details are no longer needed here.


Step 2

After logging in, you will need to confirm your booking details. As an existing customer, this page will be automatically pre-filled with details of your existing booking.


Step 3

The last step is to input your credit card details. We no longer use PayPal for payment, this is why we are asking for your credit card again. You can use any credit card you like.


Once you confirm and pay, you’re done!


Do note that upon migration, only jobs scheduled from 15 October 2016 onward will be displayed. Jobs before 15 October will still be managed in our old site. You can access the old site at

1 thought on “How to migrate from our old to new site”

  1. I have a question!

    If my card already deducted for this month, should I migrate and make new payment again? In that case, will you make a refund of the deducted amount?

    Oh and, on your last reminder email there’s this statement:
    “As promised, we’re keeping you on our previous (and cheaper) pricing of $18/hr for regular cleaning and $20/hr for one-time cleaning until 14 October 2016. Even after migration. ”
    Does it mean, price stays same?


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