The Window Cleaning Dilemma (Part 1)

Since we’ve started connecting customers and cleaners back in January 2015, we have received quite a lot of questions pertaining to the task of window cleaning. In Singapore, this issue is especially relevant to us as the majority of residents live in high rise buildings and therefore, there’s always the danger of falling whilst cleaning the exterior window panes.

It was reported in 2012 that there were 10 cases of foreign domestic workers who fell to their death while cleaning windows. This led to action by MOM, implementing a law which requires that all foreign domestic workers to have an adult present to supervise them while they were cleaning the exterior window panes, especially if the window grills are unlocked and open. Because of this move, the number of deaths fell to one in each of the 2 years since then.

At ProperHands, we expect the our cleaners to follow similar safety requirements. We strictly do not allow them to lean out of the windows to clean the exterior window panes. So how then should they do their job? We advise all our customers to have an extendable window wiper available so that the cleaner can simply reach out to clean even with the window grills safely locked.

These window wipers can typically be purchased at many local stores selling housewares and home cleaning tools or at your nearest supermarkets. For those seeking a slightly higher quality and multipurpose wiper, 3M has a 3-in-1 multipurpose wiper which allows you to Foam, Scrub and Wipe all window and glass surfaces. Although it can be slightly more expensive than a normal wiper, it enables you to clean the windows in an enjoyable and effortless manner.

No matter which tool you get, this will definitely ensure that the cleaners are kept safe while they keep your home clean!

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