The Window Cleaning Dilemma (Part 2)

Previously we talked about the dangers of high rise window cleaning in Singapore and the steps that MOM has taken to protect the foreign domestic workers when performing this task. We’ve also mentioned that we expect our customers and cleaners to observe the same safety precautions while cleaning the exterior windows.

However, because of safety reasons, not all of our cleaners might be willing to clean the exterior windows. Or you might not have allocated sufficient timing for the cleaners to clean the windows as it’s a very time consuming task and you require him/her to finish up other more important cleaning tasks like ironing. Is there an alternative way to get your windows cleaned?

Because of technology, automatic window robotic cleaners have started appearing in the market a few years ago and have been a welcomed addition to robotic vacuum cleaners. There are several robots available for purchase in Singapore and some function differently than others.

Hobot 188

The Hobot 188 window cleaning robot uses 2 alternating suction pads to traverse the surface of your window pane, with 1 suction pad activated while the robot swivels around to clean the glass using the attached micro fibre cloth and to position the other suction pad in place for the subsequent repeating action to follow. There is also a vacuum which sucks out any dust on the surface. This model comes with the fully automated feature as well as a remote control for you to clean more specific parts of your window.

Evovacs Winbot 950

The Evovacs Winbot 950 is the highest end model in the Winbot range of robotic window cleaners. This is also known for its range of robotic floor vacuum cleaners, the Deebot. The Winbot 950 also utilizes a suction cup to adhere to the glass and moves in a straight line, turning 90 degrees when it hits and detects the window frame or even the edge of a frameless glass. Similar to the Hobot, the Winbot also has a remote control function which allows you to control the movement of the robot cleaner.


The final robotic window cleaner we’re introducing here is MyWindoro. Using a different method to keep the machine on the glass, MyWindoro uses magnets to keep the 2 parts of the unit together and moves in a zig-zag pattern to clean the glass pane. Now you might think that this is a smart way to clean both sides of the glass at the same time. On the contrary, each part has a different function, one acting as the navigator while the other side does the cleaning, carrying the spinning pads as well as the detergent.

These robots represent a new era in home cleaning and automation. With their invention, it does seem that our lives have become simpler and safer. That being said, there are definitely ways which these robots can improve on such as better battery life, lowering the noise output and also reducing the size of these robots.

To purchase these robots, you can find them and other similar products online at e-commerce sites like Lazada. If you’re looking at a live demonstration of some of these robots, check out the electronics superstores or some of the local DIY stores such as SelfFix DIY.

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