Cleaner Interview: Lim Bee Yen

This series of posts focus on ProperHand’s unsung heroes, the cleaners. These interviews allow us to share a little about the lives of the hardworking people who lovingly take care of our homes.

Most Singaporeans aspire to achieve work-life balance to pursue individual hobbies or spend quality time with family. However, this dream seems to drift further away with increasing demands from our workplace. ProperHands turns to Mdm Lim to shed insights on how she juggles both ProperHands’ assignments and her personal interest.

Tell us more about yourself? How is your schedule like?

I’ve been managing a seafood restaurant at Clarke Quay for most parts of my life. It wasn’t until few years ago when we decided to end the business because my children would like to pursue their own career goals. Life back then was extremely busy! We have to procure and prepare the ingredients early in the day and work stretches all the way past midnight. Now, I am taking up regular assignments from ProperHands while joining enrichment courses such as make-up and cooking classes. I also make sure to exercise every morning to keep myself fit and healthy!

Wow! Two enrichment classes on top of daily exercise regime?! How did you manage to fit in all that?

The flexibility of ProperHands assignments help a lot in this. With a quick call or few clicks of the button, both customers and cleaners are able to reschedule cleaning sessions easily. For example, I’ve encountered customers who have to reschedule our regular sessions due to other commitments such as family trips or wedding dinners. Through a phone call to ProperHands or amendments on their ProperHands account, I’ll receive notification for rescheduling and if I am unable to make it, ProperHands will help me to find a replacement for the session. Thanks to this flexibility, I am able to select assignments that does not clash with my existing commitments so I can both work and pursue my interest at
the same time!

That’s great to hear! How do you find the assignments so far then?

I think this platform is a great avenue for making new friends actually. Surprisingly, my relationship with all customers from ProperHands are more like friends rather than typical employer-employee relationship. Every time I went to their apartments for regular cleaning, we will have small talks about our lives and I’m really grateful when some of them offered me beverages and snacks. Through the small talks I am also able to know more about them and their cleaning needs. This will inform me on which areas to prioritize during every session.

A special thanks to Mdm Lim Bee Yen for agreeing to this interview. At ProperHands, we strive to be a simple, affordable, and convenient way to keep your home clean. Through our fuss free rescheduling system, we have saw how Mdm Lim’s customers have benefited from the flexibility to make time for the things that matter to them. If you are someone who values this flexibility greatly, sign up now at

Cleaner Interview: Choo Hoay Si

This series of posts focus on ProperHand’s unsung heroes, the cleaners. These interviews allow us to share a little about the lives of the hardworking people who lovingly take care of our homes.

Tell us a little about yourself.

hoay-si-article-photoMy life and hobbies are quite simple and boring actually (laughs). My current life revolves around accompanying my husband to supervise his food business, doing assignments with Properhands, and handling housework at home. During my free time, I usually watch Korean dramas using my smartphone or do household chores at home. For some reason, I love to do cleaning a lot as I find satisfaction in seeing things at home being sparkling clean!

What made you want to join ProperHands as a cleaner?

I’ve mainly worked in the hospitality industry in the past after obtaining my diploma in hospitality management back home. After I got married, I’ve switch into something less time demanding such as admin to balance both work and family obligations.  In the recent years, I’ve tried something new by starting my own florist business as one of my interest is in floral arrangement. However, due to irregular working hours and due to orders peaking at certain periods of the year, I’ve decided to fold the business to take a break while looking for something new. That is when I saw ProperHands recruitment on some online job portal and decided to go for it!

Cleaning as a hobby? That’s interesting. Could you elaborate more?

Well, my husband is an avid collector of statues so my home is full of those at home, big and small. If I don’t clean them regularly, dust and dirt can easy accumulate on them and no one wants to see that! To prevent this, I clean them almost every day and while I’m on it, I thought I could also do other housework too. Thus, I always see my home in tip top clean condition. Perhaps seeing those statues in perfect condition made me feel a sense of accomplishment which leads to my interest in cleaning. My husband, on the other hand, thinks that I’m cleaning our home too frequently and that disturbs him a little (laughs). Therefore, in order to please him by not cleaning our home so frequently, I’ve joined ProperHands to clean other homes to pursue this hobby instead while also earn some extra cash!

I see. How do you find with working with ProperHands so far?

I find it great! Aside from doing what I love to do, I find the time flexibility aspect of the job a big plus point for me. I’ll get to choose which day I am available for assignments and ProperHands will contact me if there’s any suitable jobs that is convenient for me. This allows me to manage my commitment with family and friends better as I can freely adjust my schedule with ProperHands.  Aside from time flexibility, I find the non-repetitive nature of the job highly attractive. As I get to clean different homes on different days of the week, it feels more interesting compared to my old office jobs.


Cleaner Interview: Mdm Tay Bung Chu

This series of posts focus on ProperHand’s unsung heroes, the cleaners. These interviews allow us to share a little about the lives of the hardworking people who lovingly take care of our homes.


Tell us a little about yourself.

Currently I’m a grandmother of one and also doing freelance cleaning for households.  I’ve always been an avid learner. Earlier this year, I’ve used up government subsidies to take up English lessons to improve my language proficiency. This has helped me to communicate better with my customers during the cleaning sessions so that I can identify their needs.

Back in the days, I’ve always liked to “jio” my sisters for shopping spree or hanging around wet markets together. With the birth of my granddaughter few years back,  however, such activities are a thing of the past (Laughs).  Nowadays, I’ve been occupied with both babysitting my granddaughter and ProperHands assignments.  Occasionally, I do meet up with ex-colleagues and friends to catch up and keep updated on each others lives. I also like traveling a lot! I’ll make it a point of going for an overseas trip at least once a year with my sisters so that we can take the opportunity to catch up.

What made you want to join ProperHands as a cleaner?

After having a few months break because my previous employers ended their operations in Singapore, I’ve gotten bored at home as I only have to take care of my granddaughter in the late afternoons. Furthermore, there’s no one else at home because my husband is still working. In an attempt to find myself something to occupy my time, I’ve tried checking with the local community centre first for culinary or flower arrangement courses but the fees were too expensive! During that period, I saw a ProperHands recruitment advertisement in the newspaper by chance when I was checking the weekly supermarket promotions. As the advertisement stated that ProperHands was looking for flexible timing home cleaners, I thought it would be suitable for me as I still have to take care of my granddaughter.

What do you think about the freelance industry?

Initially I thought ProperHands was just offering a part-time job where I have to commit a fixed amount of hours each day and do assignments for 5-6 days a week. However, during the briefing at ProperHands’ office, the executive explained that it is even more flexible than that! We get to choose the days and the respective timings that we are available and ProperHands will try to match customers whose request falls into our schedule. Additionally, ProperHands also tries to help us find customers close to our homes so transportation is not a big concern.

I feel that this freelance arrangement is very good for housewives like me. For instance, sometimes when I have an impromptu event on a day when I have assignments, I have the flexibility to ask the customer for an alternative job timing. This flexibility is rarely seen in traditional part-time jobs as the manager will usually ask you to take urgent leave on the day when such scenario happens. If alternative arrangements could not be made, ProperHands can also help me by sourcing for a replacement for that session so the customer can still enjoy the cleaning services if I’m unavailable.

We’ve received many great reviews from customers regarding your work, how do you consistently deliver such good results?

For every job I do, I always take the tasks as something I am greatly passionate in.  In the context of home cleaning, I always treat my customers’ home like my own so I set high standards for the cleaning.  To achieve that, I always strive to reach the customer’s home slightly earlier and leave only when all the tasks are done. Although there are times where I’ve stayed longer than required, I feel we (the cleaners) ought to provide our services with the highest standards.

How do you feel about home cleaning assignments now that you’ve been doing it for quite a while?

I feel that one of the perks of the job is definitely interacting with people and improving my conversational skills. In my previous jobs, my social circle was among my ex-colleagues and we were all focused on getting our tasks done with minimal interaction. At ProperHands, we are facing multiple customers from various assignments, there is the opportunity to improve my communication skills as I am exposed to customers from diverse backgrounds.